Hello! I'm Tim and I like making websites. I'm a big fan of the responsive web and mobile-first design.

Aside from programming, I have an interest (and a degree) in biology. I live with two cats, and I have a weak spot for plants.

I'm fluent in a variety of web languages, such as HTML5, CSS, PHP, and of course JavaScript. I'm familiar with database design (both relational and non) and am currently really enjoying the MERN stack.

Wondering what kind of stuff I can do? I've put together a quick sample of some of my work, so please take a look.

Beekn is a location sharing app for ad hoc social gatherings. I'm working on this site with two partners currently, and it's our entry into the Product Hunt Global Hackathon. My main contributions to this project have been integrating websockets for real time updates and geolocation functions via HTML5 standards as well as Google API's, although at this point I've worked on pretty much every system in some way or another. This site is still very much a work in progress, but you can take a look here and see what we've been up to.
Cartogram is a single page app designed to act as an aggregate site for location based information. My role in this project was to implement user authentication via Facebook and Google, and anything to do with user account data. I also handled the final styling and mobile design. If you'd like, you can see it here.
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Moodie is a facial expression judging game I worked on with a team of three others. I acted as the informal leader, dividing up responsibilities and making sure all parts worked together. Additionally, I put together most of the backend including image conversion, storage, and sending to the Face++ api for assessment. I also did much of the frontend scripting for camera control and AJAX. Please take a look at this app here to see the site we made.

I've started working on a MEAN stack version of the site to improve functionality and user experience using Angular's animation capabilities. You can see a sample here.
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The Peace Resource Center already had a Wordpress site with a functional theme, but they wanted something more colorful and inviting. Using large images with parallax scrolling created a more interesting visual presentation, while still looking clean and professional. Visual assets were updated and the layout was improved for desktop users without compromising the mobile experience. Please check them out here.
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For the Tipsters of San Diego, I put together a fully responsive, full featured Wordpress theme with a modern asthetic that didn't deviate too far from their established look. This also involved modifying some of the outdated plugins by hand to accomodate modern design standards. Feel free to visit their site to see it in action.
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The San Diego Puppet Insurgency wanted a completely new site to connect with the community. The design was to be professional and clean, while still maintaining a hand-made feel. I used Wordpress to create such a site with a number of plugins to acomplish the requested functionality. In particular, I created my own customized version of an open source calendar plugin in order to ensure a fully responsive experience. Please visit their site to see how it turned out.
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The Cat Finder is a game fan-site utilizing HTML5 video elements in order to display eye catching content. Additionally, it makes use of the game's official API to allow players to connect to their game accounts and view some of their game info in a unique way. This is meant to be a part of a larger, feature-rich community fansite, but as a side project, don't expect anything too soon. You can visit this site too, if that's your cup of tea.
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Please send me a message and let me know if there's anything I can do for you, or if you just want to say hi!

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